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Martial Arts mean a Way of living. We believe that if we unleash this passion and make it present in every aspect of our lives, we will feel inspired & empowered, and will live a happier life.
This Way goes beyond sport, fighting or even self defense. The legacy of the Grandmasters is about wisdom and principles. In a society that tolerates abuse and often rewards competition above values, we believe we can make a difference by establishing a daily mystical connection with the ultimate Shihan Essence, and Martial Wisdom.
We are black belts, martial art fans, experienced tech execs, serial entrepreneurs & user experience evangelists. We create unique art & products that capture the spirit and mysticism of Martial Arts and the Grandmasters.



“I wish you continued success. I really enjoy your sites as the martial arts are suffering from a myopic view in these times of brutality and caged human blood quests. Thank you for providing the balance with words of wisdom and inner reflection the great patriarchs have handed down in their personal quests.” Evan Pantazi / Founder Kyusho International

"Would just like to say this site is one of best , if not the best site i have joined for motivation and inspiration , keep up the awesome work . love what is put up on daily basis. its improved my life greatly since i have joined . i live for these quotes. i have very strong belief in them all. Best wishes paul." Paul Stoddard / Founder Tai Chi Kancho

“Big follower and fan of your page … Thank you so much and keep up the great work.” Tarek Hussein / Egyptian Kung-Fu 5th Dan - Tae Kwon Do 4th Dan 

“Wanted to say how much I enjoy your posts and art work! A few of my students print out your memes and hang them on their mirrors etc. This is a FANTASTIC addition to the martial way via social media. Bless you for sharing such meaningful content and helping to unite the many styles that are practiced world wide. Osssss!!!!!!” The EDGE Martial Arts Academy

"Thank you for sharing your inspiration to the martial arts community and for all you do to share the spirit of the arts!" Grandmaster Robert Cutrell / Founder, ChunJiDo

 “Shihan Essence does a great job of bringing martial culture to the Internet”  Unknown User

 “Hey! My name is Silviu, and I just felt the need to tell you guys how awesome your Shihan Essence products are. :D” Silvarus2002