The Real Enemy of every Martial Artist

The Real Enemy of every Martial Artist

We will all agree that before even thinking to fight, we must me very sure of who the real enemy is.

Which is the battle worth fighting?

We asked our 100.000+ very passionate Facebook friends and we got much more than we expected. As usual. 
So read the following lines, and identify the enemies. Let us be prepared for combat. 
Lack of compassion for others. Vanity. Arrogance. Lack of respect. Complacency. Ego, hatred, selfishness, believing yourself superior to others. Miss information. Losing the essence of the Grandmaster`s teachings. Forgetting the "martial" of the art, is to forge the spirit and improve self. Ourselves. 
These are just some of the answers that our Facebook friends have answered to our question of which is the real enemy of a Martial Artist. 
The list goes on with the “fakes”, and those who believe that Martial Arts have no use or place on today’s daily life. Overthinking. Self doubt. Envy. Arrogance. Laziness. Our own mind. Bad food. Unhealthy lifestyles and habits. Smartphones! 
"Ego, hatred, selfishness, believing yourself superior to others. These are the enemies of martial arts, no matter your style or belt you must remain humble otherwise you lose sight of the art altogether.” Ross H. 
Ego - Martial Poster by Shihan Essence.
Tunnel vision. Money. Lack of ambition to improve. Excess of confidence. Lack of confidence. Gold diggers. Long breaks in training. Desire to quit. Work. Mc Dojos. Ignorance. Lack of self-control.  
"Pride, when we think we achieved a level and believe that we now the answers, we stop learning, from techniques to philosophy.” Ruben P. 
Injuries. Fear. Apathy. Bad teachers. Sports. UFC and MMA. Procrastination. A bad back. Evil. Lust. Greed. Hate. Jealousy. Heasitation. 
"You are your own worst enemy when it comes to doubting your own ability” Brian S. 
The list seems to be to long, right? A lot to be aware. 
The top 3 voted by our friends where: 
  1. EGO. 
So ... we should be working very carefully, training, paying attentions to these ones. 


Be aware. Be prepared. Keep training. 

We will go deeper into these top 3 enemies in the near future. 


MANIFESTO of The Martial Artist.