The best time to start Martial Arts is now.

The best time to start Martial Arts is now.

Two powerful questions arise. If you do not practice Martial Arts, what is the best age or moment to begin walking the way of the warrior? And if you already practice,  do you wish you have started earlier and younger?

Our friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have shared some inspiring - and sometimes surprising - points of view about this matter. 

Many have started at a very young age and some still continue evolving their practice, or have even become now masters of their style and also teach others. These others may include, in some cases, their own sons and daughters. 

Greg started in Japan in 1965 at the age of 19 and is still teaching today at 71. "It really doesn't matter at what age you start. Whats matters is that you do start and you continue as long as your health allows."

Apparently there is not one age to start. Ryan started Aikido at 18, but also Japanese Jujutsu at 36. Nobody seems to regret starting very young, but Ryan says he does not wish he started in any other moment because these styles are just perfect for him and were not available in his country before that times. 

A lot of our friends regret not having started before. Carlo started training Shotokan Karate at 14 and wishes to have started 10 years earlier. So does Scott and Dan which started at 28 and 43, but wish they have started at 5. 

Jannie and Ross started as teenagers, but they regret not having trained before so they could have had better tools to face school life and deal with bullies. 

It is never too late to start, everybody agrees. Erin and Joseph started on their 30´s, Dan on his 40´s and Angel at 60, when he says "life starts"

Some have quit somewhere on the way.  Evan dropped but came back when he needed his Budo. Others like Tommy have not came back (yet) and admire those who have kept on and evolved. 

Helen, started her martial journey when she was 37 years old. "I only started as I had my sons who have autism and we started as a family. They wouldn't go alone. Now, a few years later me and my 14, 12 and 10 year old love it. It (Martial Arts) brought us closer." 

Some started early. Others started older. Many wish they have started earlier. 

But most of us agree with Erin: "It really doesn't matter when you start as long as you do start and don't quit."

Keep training. Keep evolving. Never quit. And keep the feedback coming.