Martial Spirit : Living your life the Martial Way

Martial Spirit : Living your life the Martial Way

Live your life the Martial Way.  
Train as much as you can. Train hard, and be constant.
Never quit. Never stop learning. Always humble. Always hungry.
You will always chase perfection although you know you will never get there. But the reward is in the work.

Apply martial arts to any problem in any circumstance. You will find your way out of trouble.

If you are having a bad time. It will end. You will get over it.
It is not about how tough is the situation. It is about how much we trust our discipline, timing and technique.
We have worked on our patience. We have been challenged and tested before. We have been pushed to our limits. So we now that our moment will come. We are ready and will seize the chance.
Don´t fear anyone, anything. Don´t fear death.
Fighting will not kill you. Your opponent will not kill you. The couch will. The junk food, the chair, the traffic, the office. So get up and go train.
Worrying will kill you. So only worry about being afraid.

Embrace life. Accept your destiny. And live it fully.

If you are looking for victory, its inside yourself. Nobody knows who you really are and what you have overcome. You know what you are capable of. So don´t explain and don´t try to please anybody.
Martial Arts will continue to inspire you to be a better person and will mild the way you treat others.
There is no opponent. There is no race.
Take care of your body. Your health is your most precious tool.
Take care of your loved ones. Learn the ways to protect.
Don´t care about controlling others or imposing your will. But only you will decide where to set your limit for others. And you will make sure nobody crosses that line.

Respect every style, every master, every student, everybody. There is always a new lesson to be learnt.

Abide by the code. Learn tradition. Bring new white belts to the family.
Open your heart. Free your mind. Travel the world. Expand your limits. Live your passion.
Live fully, empowered by training and inspired by Martial Arts.