Can words win a fight?

I truly believe that Martial Arts and fighting are separate things. Grandmaster Helio Gracie once said that belts and degrees are for martial artists, not for for fighters. Because fighters had no degrees. They had a time. 

Martial Arts are Education, and empower my life in every aspect. 

But I admit enjoying watching some MMA fights. And fights. And sports. Fights and sports entertain me. Martial Arts inspires me, and this inspiration empowers my life completely.  

Last Saturday I watched the whole UFC main card. I had been looking forward to the Aldo versus Mc Gregor fight, I must admit. 

I was entertained. I was surprised. Not only about the outcome of the fight.

There were things that caught my attention. Things to learn. And a couple of questions on my mind. 

I personally do not like the way Mc Gregor behaves outside the cage, in front of the press, showing cockiness and disrespecting other fighters. 

But the first question is: how much of this trash talk really started the fight weeks ago? How much did this talking affected the great champion, Jose Aldo. When I saw Aldo enter the octagon I knew he was already defeated. Was it the pressure? Was it anger? ego? pressure? 

How does a top champion as Aldo lose his belt like he did? 

Was it a bad night? Or did Mc Gregor enter in his mind and was right when he said Aldo was already defeated before the fight? 

Is bragging a weapon? Does arrogance affect reality and the final outcome of a fight? 

Can a man's conviction change what others think about him? Can a man's conviction change what he thinks of himself? Can confidence create fighting superiority? 

I really look forward to knowing your opinion about this, dear Shihan Essence friends.  

One of our FB friends commented: "It's hard to argue with success." Maybe that is true. But flashy and successful as Connor Mc Gregor may now be, what called my attention was when que stated, and confidently repeated:

"Timing beats speed. Precision beats power. Anytime." 

This is something a Martial Artist will say. Not a fighter. Not a brawler. Someone who has walked the path of Budo for a while. 

So besides a fighter, and besides being disrespectful... Is Connor Mc Gregor a Martial Artist? 

That is really Notorious. 

Respect to both fighters. 


Diego @ Shihan Essence.