What Martial Arts Teach about Anger

Is anger just a waste of energy? 

People mostly misunderstand martial arts and assume it as a means by which they can fight others. However, there is more to it than self-defense or aggression. If you are in a conflict, your anger can be your greatest ally, or so they say. On the other hand, there are those who claim losing your temper is the biggest mistake you can make. So, how can you tell who is right? If you are unable to reach a proper conclusion, you are not alone as there are many martial artists who do not know whether anger is useful or just a complete waste of energy. Fortunately, Shihan Essence and its Facebook friends have the answers to all your questions in this regard. To learn more about it, read on. 

Looking at the Bigger Picture

According to Gitetsu N, fear and anger are natural emotions experienced by every individual. Deeming these emotions as immature is not how you go about understanding them. The real problem is when you act on these emotions. Each emotion you experience has a purpose, and failing to make the most of it will keep you from reaching your true potential. In the military, soldiers are taught to be fearless and trained to overcome the fear of death. This result in fearless actions, which can considered a positive outcome of anger as long as they are born from vigor and determination.

Anger Can Be Useful In the Right Circumstances

Regardless of what you think about emotions, they play a vital role when you train or are in conflict. Lion S believes anger is useful but only if you learn to control it. Once you learn to use it to your advantage, there is little that can stop you. However, if you let it overcome you, you lose before even starting. As long as you are calm and channel your emotions for a surge of energy, there is nothing wrong with using anger to come out on top. But this only works if you know how to use it in the right circumstances. You simply cannot go about letting your anger overcome you each time. There is a time and place for emotions, and you need to determine what time is the best to use your anger.

It Can Cloud Your Judgment

Mike H explains that by failing to control your emotions, you will not only let it control you, but might end up doing something you will regret later on. For those who are unable to exercise control over their anger, it is wise for them to avoid using this emotion for a surge of energy. Individuals with little to no control over their emotions let it impair their judgment. This is the last thing you want if you are in a confrontation. Your emotions may drive you, but there are times when these emotions can also be the cause of your downfall.

Keeping the aforementioned factors in mind, you will realize emotions are useful, but if you don’t know the right time to use them, they can harm you.