'You Can Only Fight The Way You Practice'

Is There Any Truth To What Musashi Said?

Many martial artists are on the lookout for ways to speed up the learning process, which is in fact quite simple. It can take years before you can understand how to perfect your form, let alone learn new techniques. This can turn away people from training and practicing martial arts. However, it does not need to be like this, as a little determination and patience can go a long way for you. Martial arts are a discipline that does more for you in the long run and if you have not been able to understand this aspect, you have been missing out on a lot.

That being said, Miyamoto Musashi claims ‘you can only fight the way you practice’. At first glance, it does make a lot of sense, but is there any truth to it? If you are unable to decide, the following comments and insights left by Shihan Essence’s Facebook followers should help you in this endeavor.

Practice As Though Your Life Depends On It

Max H. has a rather deep insight about what Musashi said. He essentially believes the way you fight should reflect what you believe, and the only thing you should believe in is each fight needs to be taken seriously. Regardless of the fight you are part of, you need to thoroughly believe that your existence depends on it.

When it is a matter of survival, martial artists bring out the best in them. It gives them the push they need to overcome any and all obstacles that may come their way. Even though they may be facing a tougher opponent, the belief their honor and existence depends on the fight will more than suffice. It will motivate the martial artists to go all in without regret.

The Best Training Is Actually Fighting

Christopher B. believes there is much more to training than meets the eye. He believes Musashi emphasized on conditioning the body and mind in a way that it goes into autopilot mode even before the fight starts. Training can help one acquire this feat, but it is not simple and it requires intense concentration and discipline for quick results. To put it in simple words, the more you fight, the better it will serve as your training. In other words, actual fighting is what you need to make progress and to hone your skills.

Your Training Affects the Outcome of Your Fights

As rational as Max’s explanation seems, there are plenty of other insights about the matter which make a lot of sense. Tom H., for instance, states if your training is inadequate, it will result in poor form. Additionally, if you also lack focus and intensity, it will reflect in your fighting. Each aspect of martial arts and understanding its realistic applications will allow you to apply it in fights, but failing to do so will prevent you from making the most of what you have learnt.

In short, how much you have learnt and a thorough understanding of how each aspect will affect the outcome of your fights. At the same time, it is worth noting these fights do not necessarily have to be with another competitor. It could be a struggle with your own insecurities or any and all problems that you may face in life.


Regardless of what you feel or think, one thing is for certain: martial arts is not to be taken lightly

Some things are not supposed to be taken at face value as they have a deeper meaning. Regardless of what you feel or think, one thing is for certain: martial arts is not to be taken lightly, and the only real way you can make any progress is perfecting your understanding of the art and techniques to synchronize your mind and body for effective results.