Falling In Love with Martial Arts

Love at first kick?

So, how does one fall in love with martial arts? The only real way you can make any progress at all is if your intentions are in the right place. This means you need some form of motivation to guide you through your training as your progress. There are many reasons why you might wish to practice martial arts, but is it enough to keep you steadfast throughout the obstacles that might be headed your way? This is why you need to constantly remind yourself why you fell in love with martial arts in the first place. If not, Shihan Essence’s followers and their stories might reignite your love for martial arts.

Martial Arts in Entertainment

One follower, Samir A. explains that he fell unconditionally in love with martial arts when he watched it being practiced on the big screen. Bruce Lee in particular and his movies not only inspire, but are known to teach humility and strength through pain and suffering. He also goes on to explain that these movies not only make martial arts look cool but they show what you will benefit from in the direst of circumstances. There are more of our Facebook friends who also agree movies did have a major role to play in encouraging them to practice the sport and make it a part of their lifestyle.

Exposure to Martial Arts through Literature

Martial arts not only look cool, but when you read about it, things make more sense. Martial arts are not just your everyday sport, as it is in fact more than that. In Timothy T’s words when he was exposed to Aikido in particular, he was also exposed to the spiritual side of the sport. It was then things started making sense to him, which is why he learnt more about Samurai history and then went through other literary works associated to martial arts.

A Means to Protect Oneself

Dale H. explains the reason why he fell in love with martial arts was because it gave him the tools he needed to protect himself, especially because he was shy and bullied as a child. He claims Kung Fu movies did get him interested, but once he started practicing it and realized it was a means to protect himself physically and mentally, he fell in love with it.

He not only felt confident, but he could diffuse physical confrontations without having to resort to violence, which is exactly what martial art is all about. As Bruce Lee said, “It is the art of fighting, without fighting”.

All in all, there are plenty of reasons why you should practice martial arts. Falling in love with it and the reasons behind it can vary, but one thing is for certain: The impact that martial arts have on people is extremely powerful and falling in love with them will keep us inspired and empowered… anywhere and everywhere.