To Quit or Not to Quit... an issue for many Martial Artists

There are plenty of reasons why martial arts should be integrated into your lifestyle. It is more than just learning how to fight. It is a way of life that can be adopted to make the most of your capabilities and the opportunities that present themselves. However, there are certain situations where a martial artist may just not be sure about what they are doing. This leads them to trying to make a decision whether they should quit or not. Here’s a look at the common reasons why people stop their martial arts training according to Shihan Essence’s Facebook friends.

Not Passionate Enough

There is no reason for you to quit as a martial artist, especially if you are studying it for the right reasons. This only becomes a problem when your intentions are not in the right place. Most people just assume it is cool to learn martial arts, but what they do not realize is the time and effort they would have to invest. Eventually, they are unable to keep with the rigors as they don’t have the passion to go all the way. To put it simply, “it is in your blood or either it is not” as stated by Katherine on Shihan Essence’s Facebook page.


As mentioned earlier, some people try to integrate martial art into their lifestyle for the wrong reasons. These individuals fail to see the bigger picture and are thus disgruntled when they do not get what they want. Martial art is a discipline and a way of living and it is in no way about fighting and pounding on opponents for your satisfaction. All in all, it has never been about being the biggest and baddest of them all. If you are one of those who believe it to be as such, then you may end not only disillusioned but also far from understanding what martial arts is all about.


Another SE follower was quite precise when he claimed that the primary reason why most people give up martial arts altogether is because when they reach lower advanced or upper intermediate levels, they assume they know everything. This know-it-all attitude is not only harmful but they end up overestimating their abilities. Overconfidence has no place when you are practicing martial arts especially since it is a continuous learning process. Every day you get to learn something new and by dropping out you end up missing out on quite a lot.

The Risk of Injury

Most followers unanimously agree that most martial artists choose to quit simply because they are afraid of being severely injured while training or during a fight. One thing is for certain: injury is the name of the game and there is a possibility you might hurt yourself or someone else really bad. But that is not the point here, as when you train and fight, you aspire to become greater and improve your physical conditioning. Martial art is about reaching your true potential, and if you have to take a few hits or bruises along the way, there is no harm in it.

As you can see, there are some genuine reasons where a person is unable to carry on martial arts training, regardless of how passionate they are. Yet, at the same time, you will come across many success stories where some people made the most of limited resources to become true martial artists. The bottom line is that you should consider these factors before you decide to take up martial arts so you can minimize the risk of having to quit midway.